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Featured Track: Julia Dowler-Drifting

Featured Track: Julia Dowler-Drifting

Julia has been playing guitar and singing for a number of years, writing some of her own material. However has recently worked with talented(award winning) Australian writer/poet/musician David Ash composing music to his lyrics/poetry. So far several songs have been produced in this way, with hopefully more to come.

With radio plays in Australia, USA, UK and some bits in between, Julia is hoping to be putting an album together in the near future, and getting out and about promoting her music.

download icon Featured Track: Julia Dowler Drifting “Drifting (feat. Julia Dowler)” (mp3)
from “Mooncloud (feat. Julia Dowler) – EP”
(RavenStudioz DK LTD 2006)

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 Featured Track: Julia Dowler Drifting